JP Leddy, GGBA President Photo by Christopher Dydyk Fine Art Photography

JP Leddy

J.P.  Leddy,  Founder ,  Leddy Consulting, Inc. and Blogger of Leddy Connect  is known as one of the most respected and skilled business networkers in San Francisco.  He is involved in leadership roles including Ex-Officio member of the Board and Senior Ambassador of the  San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Current President of  the Golden Business Association , member of the Board of Directors for the Bataan Legacy Historical Society ,  the Bay Networking Group  as well as other business associations.  He is also involved in various community service organizations.

Leddy is a sought after speaker and also gives workshops on various topics of how to successfully connect and build business relationships that help business owners and professionals to succeed.

Leddy has over 20 + years experience in business relationship , client relationship and business development leadership  in several industries such as financial, high tech,   education, and outsourced services globally.

Leddy resides and works in San Francisco, CA.

Please feel free to contact JP Leddy at jonpaul.leddy@gmail.com

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jpleddy

Twitter: @jonpaulleddy



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