With our busy schedules,  we have calendars, apps, CRM software, and software with merging capabilities to make sure that we keep in touch with our customers and business colleagues.  We get reminders for milestone dates like birthdays or anniversaries,  one on one meetings, newsletters and other activities that helps to keep us on top of those things that we should be doing with those in our network.

Even with large corporations, they have spent millions of dollars  to make sure touch points  are implemented with customers to ensure loyalty that results in increased business. For small business owners and professionals , it is even more crucial.

We have so much technology now that there are many tools that we can use to keep in touch with our clients and business partners.  These technologies, alone,  don’t guarantee our effectiveness in creating touch points with real impact.

To use these tools effectively, here are six points to implement:

    1.  Convey your authentic self.   The technology should be deepening and enhancing that unique quality of your brand that attracted your customers and business partners in the first place.  If that is not conveyed, the tools are useless.
    2. Customize the touch points.  How many people are not reading your newsletters or eBlasts at all.  I would suggest that  those are not the best  methods for them.  Every customer and business partner responds differently to how you reach out to them. Know what works for for each of them and do that.
    3. Adjust the frequency.  Depending on the relationship,  how often you touch base with a client or business partner will be different.  Each one of them  has a unique  relationship with you.   Some need more touch points , while others, not as much.  What is the same between all of them, however,   is that your touch points should make them feel valued by you.
    4. Remind them of your value.  Every touch point should include something that reminds them of the value of their relationship with you.  It could be a special offer  or highlights of services and the benefit it has been to them, etc. This is call nurturing a relationship.  It needs to be growing.  If not, it will end.
    5. Do something different.  Many business owners and professionals use the exact kind of touch point templates for their business relationships as others.  Templates do not allow you to stand out from your competitors.  A good example of this is my close friend and colleague, Ed Diaz. Ed is a financial expert and is also a senior mortgage advisor.  He created a brand for himself, not only because of his expertise,  but of the way he uses unique touch points to connect with his network.  He often does a short video interview on his smartphone  when he does his one on one meetings. He posts it online in social media to promote his  client or colleague. He also uses video to  check in with his network when he is at a special event or some activity. Both are creative touch points. Does he stand out.  He sure does!

6.  Don’t rule out old school.  While being online is great and it helps us to create multiple touch points, old school methods still apply.  Nothing like a handshake or being physically present that creates stronger business relationships.  Nothing like receiving a thank you note or special gift via snail mail.  Find ways to do this as much as you can with your network.  Old school touch points still rule!

We live in an age of remarkable technology to grow the relationships that keeps our businesses successful.  However, the growth of those relationships are rooted in you and not the tools.

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