In our digital age, we have developed a series of cyber touch points with our clients, potential clients and businss partnerships.  These have been important tools to help us interact and connect with individuals.  Many times I have used email to connect business colleages to other colleagues where there may be mutual business opportunities. I have used the various means of social media including Linkedin and Facebook  to do the same thing.

However, if these are the only ways your are mainly conducting your networking, referrals, and connections, you are falling short of the complete experience that brings great results.

There is nothing more powerful then a face to face introduction.  You are introducing a business colleague to another business colleague in a life setting.  There is almost always an acceptance of the endorsement.  You bring two individuals together, face to face, and the contact is powerful.  The relationship begins to grow immediately.

“But there’s nothing more powerful than breaking bread with someone with whom you have developed a strong business relationship.

You get a chance to catch up, share valuable information and discuss work you’ve done with other clients.

And you can figure out how to help each other.”  – Want to Stand Out- Show Up August 28,2013


Where is this done?   Networking events, charity functions, workshops, business trade shows, and other similar activities.

You can also create the same experience by you meeting with both colleagues at their initial more in depth meetings.  You act as the person to foster and endorse the relationship.  It also allows you to also deepen your own business relationship with them.

Interaction And Relationships

“In face-to-face situations human beings cannot avoid commu-nicating with one another.

This “interpersonal”communication, which involves processes such as “speech” and“body language,”

plays an important role in the formation,development, and dissolution of human relationships.” – Introduction to Business Communications


The desired outgrowth is long term , business relationships that creates continual increased business for both parties.

The bottom line is to


 “Determined to accelerate his referral business,

Tom booked lunches with one client and two potential referral sources.

The client committed to additional business with Tom’s company,

and both referral sources offered introductions to new prospects.” Want to Stand Out – Show Up August 28,2013

try to get off the front of the computer and into  face to face direct live connections.


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