Business relationships begin with connections, nurturing them and reveling in them.  Yes, reveling in them.

It actually is a phrase I have read before in reference to how we interact with our business partners and clients.  What does that mean?

To revel is to enjoy, take delight in, advocate, celebrate, take joy in, and make happy.  Our business relationships and clients should be the bright spot in our daily work.  The way we get to that point is to realize that we are talking about people and our relationships with them.  There is already a trust that has been achieved between two people.

Business is exchanged , referred to, and made between individuals who have develop an authentic relationship that has been carefully nurtured.  The icing on all of it is when both partners revel in that relationship and connection.

When that stage is achieved , more opportunities seem to flow organically that is mutual.  Business interests merge and there is more leveraged and achieved. Every achievement is celebrated and a natural advocacy occurs between the partners.

I think of every great business connections I have and I find myself smiling.  I enjoy working together with these individuals and I want to help them achieve their business goals.  When they win. I feel I win also.  I literally revel in their success.

I have found that such relationships are only achieved when we are consistently connecting with each other . Business and friendship are intertwined as a natural evolving of shared experiences of interacting, networking and helping each other.

I regularly review my business connection, new and old. If I discover that I am not reveling in a particular business relationship, I find out the reasons and do what I can to create more opportunities to achieve that state.

Enjoy, celebrate and revel in your business connections.


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