Courtesy of World Soccer Talk

Courtesy of World Soccer Talk


How often have we fallen short of our business goals because we have artificially created our finish lines too soon?  How many times have we not landed a client because we have assumed something about them and ceased to purse closing them?   How many times have stop going to a business networking event simply, because after a few attempts, we perceived we found no value in it?

Some discussions with a few of my closest business partners this week on topics surrounding this theme has brought me to the realization that a lot of what we  have not achieved in business is because we gave up too soon.

I remember times when I did not see the light at the end of the tunnel because I had a created a timeline for results that simply did not match the  strategies I had deployed or I had become too tunneled-vision to take different courses of action midway to get the results I needed.

Most of us want some sort of magic number of optimum attempts to get a client  or an easy bullet by bullet list that will lead us from point A to the final point Z.   Sometimes I know I did.  Honestly, some of us are just scared to be out of our comfort zone.   I like being comfortable!  However, being comfortable will not help me grow or make my business grow!

All techniques fail when they are not built around the truest attempt to assist the client and bring value to the client.  That means building a relationship and nurturing it with that potential client or business partner.  I have found from experience that the sale , close or buy-in of  my  services/goods comes as an organic result of that basic connection.

I know and believe that when we act  from that intent , it is not the quantity of attempts or interactions , it is whether those interactions truly reflect and are mindful of our  client’s needs and interests.

“Until you understand your customers – deeply and genuinely – you cannot truly serve them”
― Rasheed OgunlaruSoul Trader: Putting the Heart Back into Your Business

I am thankful for this last week with my business colleagues. It reminded me to have a greater resolve to build my business with the  real and true intent of assisting others to reach their goals and fulfill their needs.   It also made me resolve not to create my finish line but to cross the real one successfully.




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