San Francisco's Bay Networking Group   Photo by JP Leddy

San Francisco’s Bay Networking Group Photo by JP Leddy

I have found that the strongest business relationships come from shared belief and not shared opportunities.  It comes from answering the question of why we do what we do rather than how we do it.

In any interaction in a business setting,  the individuals who will be your best business partners and clients will be most interested in why you do what you do?  They want to know your story.  Out of this comes belief in you.

The why does not focus on the results like profits.  It literally focuses on that internal reason that makes you want to contribute to the world .  What is your purpose?  Your passion?

Business coach and motivator, Simon Sinek stated that great leaders always  start with answering the why.

It is part of the law of attraction in connecting and building business partnerships.  There is something really ingrained  in our human psyche that draws us to  individuals who know clearly what their purpose is  and why they do all that they do.

In finding out the ” why” you will discover or reveal your passion.

Do something you really love that you would do anyway, do it in the most adventurous place, and if there’s a genuine need for it and through that need you can help other people, you’re home.”  Diane Sawyer

The people who know their “why”  are the people that we look up to and who make the difference.  They embody the true meaning of success.

So when you walk into that next networking meeting or event,  see the difference it will make when you can engage people fully knowing that you have answered the question , “why?

They will believe.


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