Photo by JP Leddy

Photo by JP Leddy

One of my favorite mentors , Simon Sinek, challenges us to start with “Why.”  Basically if we discover our why, then we can lead.  They are the ones who inspire.

Did you know that when we connect best with each other , we actually inspire each other.  This is because the very best connectors are the ones who truly have a great sense of who they are and live in that reality.  They understand their purpose and have a great desire to assist others realize or enhance their own purposes.

This is beyond the simple business transaction. The more the partnership is built on the meaningful and pure connection of the two individuals, the better the business opportunities will develop.

Although they have a great sense of self , their actions are selfless. It shows in how they work with their business partners and clients. Yet, the result of such actions leads to better business results not only in terms of profit but in long term business opportunities.

Simon Sinek makes 3 statements out of the 11 tips he gives about speaking to people in a group, that a connector can apply when he/she goes to a networking event.

Speak to one person at a time
– Show up to give
– Keep it human
Be an inspiration to those you meet.  Meaning make them see the greatness in themselves.  You will see great things happen in your personal and professional life.

3 thoughts on “Connect To Inspire

  1. I agree. I think you hit it right on the head when you say pure and meaningful business connections lead to a greater business opportunity.
    It is about being genuine and authentic towards your business partners/customers so that you develop long-term relationships and create more business opportunities.

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