Photo by JP Leddy

Photo by JP Leddy

One of the key mistakes that most businesses make , both small and large, is  they miss one of the most powerful and most effective ways to market their business.  I am not referring to advertising and traditional marketing channels as we  know it. I am also not referring to the often arrogant stand that a company solely stands on the strength of their own product or service.  The ” I will stay in my ivory tower and let them come to me” approach.

The most powerful tool is to create business partnerships with colleagues by having your decision makers and/or people assigned to represent your company and  be active in business and community organizations.

Photo by JP Leddy

Photo by JP Leddy


This strategy allows key company leaders to meet decision makers and influencers of other businesses.  By being involved actively in common projects that these organizations and events offer for their members  relationships can be built that transcend into the business arena.

There is nothing stronger than personal experience with another person on a human level that engenders trust, confidence, friendship and breaks down barriers.  This is especially true when participating together in very neutral activities that benefit each other’s organizations.

When compared to other investments in marketing and advertising, this strategy is the least expensive.  It is also the most effective in reaching the leadership of other companies, and short cutting past all the gatekeepers.

It takes some investment in time to build these relationships —> but the business and the value once developed outweighs the costs.

Photo by JP Leddy

Photo by JP Leddy

Are you part of your local chamber of commerce? Are you active?  Are you involved in any networking organizations?  Any professional group or community service organization?  Have you hired or assigned a company liaison to all these organizations as part of this strategy?

Don’t lose out on the opportunity to increase your bottom line, your company brand and your greater success by always staying behind the desk.

 Take the time to leave the office and get involved.


2 thoughts on “Creating Business Partnerships By Leaving The Office

  1. Sometimes I think we get stuck in our own little world that we forget to work with others and how important relationships are to business. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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