Photo by: melodyross.typepad.com -

Photo by: melodyross.typepad.com –

I recently attended a networking luncheon meeting hosted by a business colleague of mine, Andy Azadnia, Relationship Manager, from City National Bank.  He hosts the meeting and brings together business people from all the San Francisco financial district and the bay area.  There is time to introduce ourselves and talk about our business and ideal clients, network and hear a presentation from one of the members.

It has been a while since my schedule has permitted me to attend this meeting.  I sat down, ate and spoke to the individuals closest to me. The meeting started.   The introduction rounds started and I listened carefully as everyone got a chance to speak about themselves.  I took notes in my mind of people I wanted to immediately connect with or I had referrals to give to from my network.

Andy was the last one of the last ones to speak.  He spoke after I just completed my own introduction to the group.  He pointed to me and said,

 ” A few years ago, I met JP at a networking event.  We connected and he gave me some contacts.  I met those contacts and met even more contacts, and grew my network and business.  The reason I started this networking group and the reason you are here, is because of JP.”

In my mind, I paused as his words sunk in and became clear in its impact. My desire to connect those many years ago with him and my follow through after with Andy, resulted in developing a business relationship that had sown something greater than I ever imagined.

It was not only the business that we were able to generate from our relationship, but the outgrowth of that connection (that grew other connections ) also created  this thriving networking group.

So when people ask me why is connecting and going out and making contacts so important , the example of Andy is a good reason. Business thrives and multiplies.

Although I agree that sound policy and universal economic strategies are needed to continue to get our economy into a thriving healthy state, the power of rolling up our sleeves ( on an individual basis)  and simply making face to face business interactions can not be underestimated.

So go to that event,  meet business colleagues over coffee or lunch, belong to a group that networks, etc.  Regularly connect and build relationships.  You will not only impact your business,  and your colleague’s business, but untold others you can only begin to imagine.


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