Most individuals who own businesses or who are actively conducting business to generate more business, are hard workers , and generally, meet a lot of  colleagues in many different industries.  Business is conducted from many of these interactions.

However, a substantial number of these same individuals have not maximize or even realized how much more  opportunity is out there to tap into within their own networks and within each event they attend.   Most times they contract  tunnel vision syndrome  that creates a barrier to more possibilities and to the reality that exists.

They may think they are networking.  They may think that they are making contacts.  However, internally they harbor a belief that they have tapped out a group or event for potential leads.

They subscribe to the philosophy of scarcity which is opposite to the philosophy of abundance.  One limits and the other expands.

A connector knows that there is no such thing as tapping out a group or an event.  If there are individuals to meet , there are opportunities to get more contacts, build strategic business relationships, attain more clients, increase business, increase revenues and ultimately increase profits.

You may need to try a different approach or plan.  You may need to find creative ways to build value to identify where the needs are  and what will resonate the most to drive people to action.

I was looking at my LinkedIn account with someone today , because I was available to touch base with her. I learned a more effective way to  re-look at my connections  to generate a greater volume of leads from her.  I gained value from continuing to meet with her. it allowed me to see how I can capitalize more deeply on my current network.

I was reminded by one of my favorite quotes:

“Think about it: everybody you know, everyone that you meet, also know about 250 people. So every time you cultivate a relationship with one new person, you have actually expanded your personal inventory by 250 people – every single time.” — Bob Burg, Author and Speaker

Your network is simply a continuous connection of doors ready to be opened to more people with more opportunities.  Get out of the tunnel and see the light.

It will never tap out.


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