Photo courtesy of Embroidery Library

Photo courtesy of Embroidery Library

There is always something dynamic about two.  It permeates our culture from the Lone Ranger and Tonto, to Thelma and Louise and to our business one on ones  ( dance cards, meet ups, coffees, etc.) that we do while we network and develop business relationships.  It is a good formula. It works.

However, in 2013, it is good to build on that strategy.  To up your game and your number, to three.   There is power to three.  I mean there is even a biblical connotation to it.  We won’t go there , though.

When you open your traditional one on one meetings in building business relationships to an additional person, the dynamics change. You see the discussion become richer and the ability to build networks broader.

The additional point of view also allows the discussion to become more valuable.  More ground is covered with what I believe is better information.

Also, the immediate value add that you can bring to your clients and and those in your existing networks just went up with an other person added to the discussion.

You are also able to give and receive more referrals.  You will have the opportunity to refer both of the individuals and their services , if applicable to your customers and potential clients.  That, in itself, is powerful raising your bar as a great resource to many others.

Also, now all three of you now have  shared the same experience.  This gives an additional element of bonding that adds more depth to your business relationship building.

What this automatically builds in  also is, a group of three individuals, to go to networking events together and be able to introduce each other to others.  There is something more dynamic and attractive to others with a group of three over two at such events.

I hope you see the vision of the Power of Three.  Try it out and see what wonderful results you get.


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