Embarking on this new year, with the realities of the most recent years and my experience, is that the only way to really move forward in your business efforts and really make impact to your growth and eventually to your bottom line is by making authentic business connections that are nurtured on a regular basis.

Like  a garden unattended or  puzzle not left with pieces not fitted to completion,  business opportunities that are lasting and repeating will not take root and keep producing without the day to day efforts of all that goes with connecting with business partners through networking, events, coffee meetings, socials, project teams, community efforts, and other common endeavors.

The culmination of these efforts is what leads to results. Each effort needs to be planned, evaluated and followed up on. Each contact , or better said, relationship, should be treated as that very word suggests with focus and effort.


There are endless tracking documents, CRM and client relationships forms to keep track of your activities, to help with your planning, and to measure results.  Use them.

If there are activities or events that are available to meet potential business partners, centers of influence, potential clients, and even untouched markets, go to them.  In most urban areas, there are many of these happening on a weekly basis.

Bring colleagues with you to network and connect with you. There is power and magnetism in numbers.

Mine all social media forums like on Facebook, Linkedin and other sources and find ways to communicate and connect.

When I hear things like there is no one to contact, or the market is saturated, or I never any contacts at events, I hear a person who does not have the vision or is unwilling to take the effort it takes to be open and to reach out to who is there.

It is an abundant field of opportunity.

Make this year , the year to connect and make your business soar.


2 thoughts on “The Abundant Field For The Connector

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